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Image of 2013.55.3 - Video

2013.55.3 - Video

Digital video interview with Honoured Member Doug Anakin, bobsleigh. 1/2: 00.39Growing up, what sports did you play? Grew up in Catham, Ontario, played shinny hockey, soccer in elementary school, "I remember scoring a goal and bringing pride to myself and my school". 01:08Did you have sports idols? We adored our fathers because they played soccer, adored the Chatham Maroons Hockey Team and the baseball team in the summer because we knew them, we also adored the guys in the NHL 02:17Was there ever a sport you thought you would take seriously enough as a career? I knew I wasn't tall enough to be a good basketball player but then a teacher came along with some wrestling and that became a spor

Image of 2013.55.4 - Video

2013.55.4 - Video

Digital video interview with Honoured Member George Athans Jr., water skiing. 1/2: 00:30Tell me about growing up in Kelowna? [talks about playing on the beach and on the water; skills close for both sports; also playing pond hockey] 1:46You grew up in an accomplished athletic household, what was it like growing up in that household? [father an international diver, mother a synchronized swimmer, brothers Gary an alpine skier and Greg a freestyle skier. His parents were supportive and a role model: "They always realized that it was important that you got two things in life. One was a good education & the other was that you should be active in sports." 3:56At what point did you decide water s

Image of 2013.55.22 - Video

2013.55.22 - Video

Yvan Cournoyer: 00:43Childhood idol: Gil Tremblay because he was such an effortless skater 01:18When did you start taking hockey seriously? Started playing at age 7, played in Lachine and then for the Montreal Juniors; (01:36) "I saw that I had the speed"; loved hockey so much 02:00System when growing up: at 15 signed with Montreal, Detroit tried to sign him the next year but Montreal refused 02:27Played 5 games in '63-'64, was asked to go to the Olympics but Pollard wanted to try him out with the team 03:06"You never forget your first game"; it was against Detroit and Montreal won 7-3, scored the 7th goal, describes goal 03:34NHL training camp: Being in Montreal was scary, not too many

Image of 2013.55.28 - Video

2013.55.28 - Video

Laurie Graham: 01:15What sport did you play? Baseball was their summer sport, did school sports such as track & Field, small but good competitor, liked to be active 01:49Sports idols: looked up to whoever was winning and how she could learn from what they were doing and how she could be more like them, ski idol Kathy Kreiner who won the Gold medal in 1976 02:33When did you start skiing? About age 5, family activity in the winter, tried to keep up with her older siblings, joined ski programmes 03:09Did you take to skiing right away? Took to it right away, exciting, fast, social side with friends, freedom and exhilaration of going fast, suited her temperament 03:36Became more competitive -

Image of 2013.55.31 - Video

2013.55.31 - Video

Paul Henderson: 01:07Childhood: grew up in Lucknow, small town, played on ponds, no artificial ice, got in lots of ice time, fell in love with hockey; "When I was in Grade 5 I started practicing my autograph for when I reached the NHL." 02:11Played for the Lucknow Chins, Albert Chin was his first coach, he was a famous senior hockey player, gave him his first hockey equipment, played in the basement of the restaurant 02:44Sports idol: watched NHL Hockey, Dad was a fan of Gordie Howe and so was he 03:25Serious about going professional: always one of the better players in Jr B and Jr A in Hamilton, in his 2nd year of Junior A he matured and became focused, really felt if he worked hard he

Image of 2013.55.37 - Video

2013.55.37 - Video

Ron Lancaster: 00:48Childhood: raised in Pennsylvania, in a hardworking steel town like Hamilton, great place to be raised, good athletic programmes, played sport by the season - football, basketball, baseball 02:29Why did you become a quarterback? Talks about starting to play football at age 10, on the first day of practise in his 2nd year the team was looking for a new quarterback and since he threw the best he got the position 03:40Talks about how baseball was his first choice, played both baseball and football through University until his coach suggested I should give football a try, always dreamed of baseball but it was a little slow to move up, football was make it or break it, decid

Image of 2013.55.38 - Video

2013.55.38 - Video

Kerrin Lee-Gartner: 1/3, 00:18Growing up: grew up in Rossland, BC, biggest influence was Nancy Greene because this is where she grew up, would visit Nancy's mother and get to wear her medals; "where my dream developed", a do-able dream; very little girl, no concept of what she was dreaming about but had a belief in her destiny and that she was the next Nancy in the making; played other sports, was a Highland dancer, had a healthy, active upbringing 03:32doing one sport at a young age can lead to burn out, to be an alpine skier need to be well rounded: agile, strong, have all the mental aspects, quick thinking, courage 04:42Starting to focus on skiing: her older sister joined a racing leagu

Image of 2013.55.40 - Video

2013.55.40 - Video

Karen Magnussen: 00:42On being a member of the CSHoF: thrill to be with so many athletes old and new 01:54How did you get into the sport? Her mother was an avid athlete, brought Karen to the rink one day, where she learned to skate at age 6 ½ - 7 years, from small beginnings 03:10When did you start getting into formal training? About 8 years old, recognized by a coach Dr. May, talks about him still coaching, saw she had talent, had a few semi-private lessons, went into some competitions, doing well, not winning everything, "learned a lot more from my trials and tribulations than I did from my wins." 04:37As a competitor: "I loved it. I was very passionate about competing." Looks for the

Image of 2013.55.41 - Video

2013.55.41 - Video

Peter Mahovolich: 00.54Childhood: played hockey, baseball; played as kids, not organized like today; outdoor sports; moved to Toronto when Frank joined the Leafs, then played minor league hockey and baseball, went to St. Michael's, drafted by the Detroit Red Wings in the first ever draft, played Junior A for 3 years; idols - brother Frank, Gordie Howe, Alex Delvecchio, Jean Beliveau 04:10Highlight of his career was to play on Team Canada '72, represent country in a very historic event, "we didn't recognize how important it was going to be, how demanding it was going to be, how historical it was going to be. We just thought it was going to be an 8 game exhibition series that we were going to

Image of 2013.55.44 - Video

2013.55.44 - Video

Cindy Nicholas: 01:00Childhood: started swimming competitively at age 5 ½, played all sports, volleyball favourite 01:30Why swimming: like training, competition, individual nature of the sport, as got better enjoyed it more 02:01Sport idols: Elaine Tanner, saw her at the 1968 Olympic Games, Cindy's original dream was to go to the Olympics; Mark Spitz 02:47On going from a pool to Lake Ontario: had a knack for swimming the longer distances, did a negative split in the 800m and still had energy left, wanted to go further in the pool; in the summer swan long distances races, her first was in Lake Couchichng for 3 ½ miles, placed in top 15, at age 8-9; starting to do swims of 1-3 miles; her fa

Image of 2013.55.46 - Video

2013.55.46 - Video

Donald Jackson: 1 of 2: 00:01Talks about amateur status, contract to turn professional, encouraged by president of Canadian Figure Skating Association to take the contract and make money and not go on to the next Olympics, already World Champion so how could he do any better 04:03Childhood: mother started him skating, joined Oshawa Skating Club, played pee-wee hockey in figure skates until his coach told him to get hockey skates, could not afford them so stayed in figure skating, president of the Skating Club found a coach from Europe and Don was his first student, Mom worked to earn money for the lessons, when the club burned down had to travel to another one, coach suggested he train in E

Image of 2013.55.47 - Video

2013.55.47 - Video

Otto and Maria Jelinek: The interview was conducted with both at the same time and usually both responded to the question, the person who answered is indicated with the time stamp 1 of 2: 01:00 MariaChildhood sports heroes: Barbara Ann Scott, Frances Dafoe, Norris Bowden OttoMore interested in hockey, Gordie Howe; played minor hockey and was moving up in both sports, had to make the decision to chose one and choice was figure skating "I chose to lean on Maria, rather than a hockey stick" 02:17 OttoOn changing technique from figure skate to hockey skate: quite different, difference in rock to the blade, took a few minutes to adjust, tripped sometimes over the toe pick, played hockey with

Image of 2013.55.49 - Video

2013.55.49 - Video

Brian Orser: Good section with medals when he talks about motivating school children 01:00 First skates were white women's skates because they could not buy black ones in his hometown, painted them black 01:40Childhood: started off in hockey, not a good skater so his parents put him in figure skating, along with his siblings; continued both until he had to make a choice - "easy one for me" 02:44why chose figure skating: terrible at stick handling, loved figure skating so much, loved to go fast, jump, spin, it was a natural love affair, "only choice, knew from the beginning that was what I was going to do with my life" 03:34Sports idols: Donald Jackson, world champion, had come to his ska

Image of 2013.55.50 - Video

2013.55.50 - Video

Jonathon Power: 00:39Why did you play squash? Dad was interested in the sport, he ran all the sports on the military base, introduced him to everything and at age 12 chose the sport he like the best; it is an individual sport, athletic, required good hand-eye coordination, better fit for him that a team sport 01:27Individual over team sport: natural for him, needed to be in control of what the outcome would be, be in charge, be the focal point, relying on team mates or anyone else was frustrating 02:26On becoming a pro: quite young when introduced to pro sport, watched the pros on the circuit, at a young age saw the opportunity and something he wanted to do, on the pro circuit could make m

Image of 2013.55.51 - Video

2013.55.51 - Video

Ken Read: 00:28Childhood: played hockey, skied, baseball, lacrosse, golf 00:41Idols: followed hockey but skiing was his passion; Nancy Greene, a Canadian who proved to us that it was possible for a Canadian to be very successful in ski racing; Jean-Claude Killy, epitome of an athlete who had the complete resume - top athlete, businessman and great individual 01:33First on skis: family sport, Mom a skier as well as siblings, went very single weekend to ski at Camp Fortune in Ottawa 02:29Age 3 when started, doesn't even remember learning how to ski, just like he doesn't remember learning how to walk 02:40What was it that you liked so much: a family sport allows for quality time, allows a y

Image of 2013.55.56 - Video

2013.55.56 - Video

Ken Shields: 00:30Childhood: remembers listening to Foster Hewitt on the radio, dreamt of playing for the Leafs, played hockey on outdoor rink, baseball in summer 01:09When started basketball: family moved to Haida Gwai (Queen Charlotte's), no ice for hockey, only sport they played was basketball, learned to love the game, moved at Grade 6 to Prince Rupert 02:00When did you think of playing as a career: farthest thing from my dreams, did not make the high school team at first, in Grade 12 wanted to play with the good players, one day he realized he could make the team, "One of the biggest thrills of my life to get the Prince Rupert Rainmaker uniform", in grade 13 won BC High School Champio

Image of 2013.55.59 - Video

2013.55.59 - Video

Cathy Townsend: : timeline - 1967 FIQ Sweden (6TH); 1974 FIQ Caracas (3 medals Gold, Silver, Bronze); 1975 Canadian Champion; 1975 AMF Bowling World Cup Manila (Gold); 1976 Tournament of the Americas Miami (Gold); 1975 FIQ London England 00;40Childhood: father had been a hockey player for the Campbell Tigers in NB, he had a bowling alley and she started bowling candlesticks (type of bowling pin) age 4-5, also curled and skied 04:50When did you start to take bowling seriously: education came first, went to McGill University, continued to bowl, curl and play golf 05:43Competitive bowling: saw a competition on TV and her father suggested she try it out, 1962-63 season, joined the Laurentian

Image of 2013.55.60 - Video

2013.55.60 - Video

Barb Underhill: 02:22Childhood: mother took her & her siblings to the rink, she felt every Canadian kid should know how to skate, it was a life skill, remembers the freedom, like having wings, loved it from that point; her mother never had the intent to develop a top skater 03:46When did you decide you wanted to be a figure skater: very quickly from when she started, first pairs partner at age 7, Nationals at age 9 04:21Practice routine: as a young skater had to do school figures, did not like them, + free skate sessions, skated about every night of the week 05:18Why pairs? Coach put her with a partner at age 7, found it more fun, more to do, felt something missing when skating alone 05:

Image of 2013.55.64 - Video

2013.55.64 - Video

Ron Ellis: 1 of 2: 03:01Childhood: father was a good hockey player & had played with the Toronto Marlborough (Marlies), father a big inspiration as was his coach in minor hockey, played minor hockey in Ottawa, at 14 local Leaf scout approached his family, at 15 started with Marlboroughs and became Leaf property 05:24Where did the desire come from: dream of playing in the NHL and desire for it to come true, encouraged by parents and coaches to pursue it as an option because they felt he had the ability, never 100% convinced he could make it, only 6 teams then and few rookies made it into the league, so he continued his schooling; had a major decision in Grade 13, had offer of full scholarshi

Image of 2013.55.65 - Video

2013.55.65 - Video

Elvis Stojko: 1 of 2; 00:27Childhood: skated at 4, also dirt biking, swimming, motocross, snowmobiling, jetskiing, hockey, martial arts at age 10, his parents let him try anything he was interested in 01:47First skates: not able to get men's skates, so his mother painted the white skates black 02:13Did you like it right away: started skating at 4, wanted to be athletic on the ice, not full time until about 7 when his coach said he had talent and need to train 03:21Childhood idols: names figure skaters, Brian Orser, Brian Boitano, Scott Hamilton, Robin Cousins, all inspired him 04:02Did you always skate singles: did test portion of dance but his partners, who were older, were taller than