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Image of 2013.55.2 - Video

2013.55.2 - Video

Digital video interview with Honoured Member Don Awrey, Team Canada 1972. 1:30 Invitation to the training camp was no guarantee that he would be one the team but he played so well that they could not have kept him out; no one had any idea at the time that it was going to be so big - he considered it to be an exhibition series 3:22His defense partner was Rod Seiling, another defensive defenceman; they were put together as they were the odd men out, other players had already been paired as they had played together before, they complimented each other and played well together; talks of the best of the league and yes there were some egos there 6:58Talks about the poor scouting reports on th

Image of 2013.55.4 - Video

2013.55.4 - Video

Digital video interview with Honoured Member George Athans Jr., water skiing. 1/2: 00:30Tell me about growing up in Kelowna? [talks about playing on the beach and on the water; skills close for both sports; also playing pond hockey] 1:46You grew up in an accomplished athletic household, what was it like growing up in that household? [father an international diver, mother a synchronized swimmer, brothers Gary an alpine skier and Greg a freestyle skier. His parents were supportive and a role model: "They always realized that it was important that you got two things in life. One was a good education & the other was that you should be active in sports." 3:56At what point did you decide water s

Image of 2013.55.22 - Video

2013.55.22 - Video

Yvan Cournoyer: 00:43Childhood idol: Gil Tremblay because he was such an effortless skater 01:18When did you start taking hockey seriously? Started playing at age 7, played in Lachine and then for the Montreal Juniors; (01:36) "I saw that I had the speed"; loved hockey so much 02:00System when growing up: at 15 signed with Montreal, Detroit tried to sign him the next year but Montreal refused 02:27Played 5 games in '63-'64, was asked to go to the Olympics but Pollard wanted to try him out with the team 03:06"You never forget your first game"; it was against Detroit and Montreal won 7-3, scored the 7th goal, describes goal 03:34NHL training camp: Being in Montreal was scary, not too many

Image of 2013.55.26 - Video

2013.55.26 - Video

Pat Gillick: 01:15Sports played as a child: played basketball, football and baseball, in college concentrated on baseball; hero was Herb Sadie, a pitcher with Cleveland, saw him when a youngster 02:20When you went to USC at a pitcher, did you think this was the way to the big leagues? Started college at age 17, played for 4 years, graduated, 1959 first year to play pro ball 03:02Why didn't you get to the majors? Made it to Triple A, had some arm problems, little short on ability to reach the big leagues, gave it 5 years, headed back to school when he joined Houston in 1973 04:16When you gave up your career and went to Houston, was there any problems for you? There is a withdrawal you go t

Image of 2013.55.45 - Video

2013.55.45 - Video

David Dore: 1of 2, 00:58 Childhood: had polio at age 12, it was suggested that he try figure skating to help him relearn how to walk, find coach Wallace Diestelmeyer who was willing to try, did reach the Nationals as a skater; life changing - changed outlook on things, when you realize you can do something and a lot of other things too, led to complete change in mental outlook which contributed to the rest of his life 03:33Were you scared to go on skates: talks about polio and how there were few solutions for this disease, no high tech solution, skating was really a stab in the dark but a lucky one for him 04:50Was your case well-known? No, one off, medical research not available in the 1

Image of 2013.55.57 - Video

2013.55.57 - Video

Robert Steadward: Good discussion of the beginning of the Paralympic movement in Canada and the IPC 00:49Childhood: typical small town, played every sport - baseball, hockey, all school sports, excelled at track 01:52Did you have any pro sport aspirations: no to pro, excellent track sprinter, had opportunities to go to US on scholarship, chose academic route, loved so many sports 03:16Impact of amateur vs professional sport: lettered in 6 different sports in high school, never had that "burning fire" to go pro, realistic enough to know perhaps did not have the talent, loved sport for the joy of effort and pleasure in being involved with other athletes and competing to the best of his abil

Image of 2013.55.61 - Video

2013.55.61 - Video

Scotty Bowman: 1 of 2: 01:08Childhood: played most sports, gravitated to hockey, played on outdoor rinks, also played baseball, junior football and soccer 02:02Idols: listened to the Boston Bruin games on the radio and like Bill Cowley, this was the first team he followed; then interested in Montreal 03:00When did you start taking hockey seriously: made the Canadiens junior team when 16, dream of everyone to play in the NHL, played for 6 years then injured, continued his schooling, coached midget and juvenile teams for 2 years 04:01On the switch from playing to coaching: big disappointment could not continue to play, at same time got into coaching at a young age, he was 20 when he was coa

Image of 2013.55.73 - Video

2013.55.73 - Video

Jim Worrall: 01:15Childhood: played sports at school, loved to run & would run rather than walk so naturally went into track, competed in high school, University (McGill), competed at the 1934 BEG and 1936 Olympic Games; during service years in RCAF organized meets for local stations in Ontario 03:351936 Olympic Games: invited by head of the Canadian Olympic team to be the flag bearer, says he was given the post because he was the tallest man on the team, talks about being offered the post for the 1934 BEG but had to beg off as his competition was right after the ceremonies, proud to have been given the honour; his events were the 400m hurdles and the 110m 05:32Athletic career after the Ol