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Catalog Number 2013.55.31
Object Name Video
Title Paul Henderson
Scope & Content Paul Henderson:
01:07Childhood: grew up in Lucknow, small town, played on ponds, no artificial ice, got in lots of ice time, fell in love with hockey; "When I was in Grade 5 I started practicing my autograph for when I reached the NHL."
02:11Played for the Lucknow Chins, Albert Chin was his first coach, he was a famous senior hockey player, gave him his first hockey equipment, played in the basement of the restaurant
02:44Sports idol: watched NHL Hockey, Dad was a fan of Gordie Howe and so was he
03:25Serious about going professional: always one of the better players in Jr B and Jr A in Hamilton, in his 2nd year of Junior A he matured and became focused, really felt if he worked hard he could be a pro, have always been a self-confident person, started scoring goals and felt he could hold his own out there; scored 49 goals in his last year so that was a pretty good indicator of his ability
04:23Going pro: signed with Detroit, Hamilton was their Junior A team, was paid $25.00 a week when going to school; had talked to Boston as well, Detroit had him skate with the team in Hamilton, told him he made the team so he signed with them
06:36On playing with Detroit: got on a regular line in his 3rd year and then started to get into 20+ goals seasons, the line was the HUG line: Henderson, Norm Ullman and Bruce McGregor
07:23Trade to Toronto: devastated, never felt rejection before in his life, found out because someone had heard the news on the radio, resented that they had not told him face to face, playing for the Leafs was a wonderful experience
08:36Feeling pride after devastation: little older, little more mature, played with Norm and Ron Ellis, could play as a line against anyone else, really neat when you can play with your buddies
09:34Career high of 38 goals: stayed healthy that year, that really helps, felt good and strong
10:14Summit Series; 35 players were invited, summer time so needed to get in shape, some were intended to be "cannon fodder" in getting the big boys ready, line of himself, Ron Ellis and Bobby Clarke, they had chemistry, obviously one of the better lines in camp, confident would play first game in Montreal, their line scored in that game, played all 8 games together and had the best line; talks about Phil Esposito "Phil was the heart and soul of our team".
weDid you think you got better and better was staying with the line: no question, the chemistry was there and we were producing; felt sorry for some of the other players who couldn't seem to find the right line, the power play used him, Ron Ellis with Phil Esposito between them, got all the ice time he wanted, Harry Sinden his favourite coach because he played him so much
13:20Game 2: Pete's goal, one of the best goals ever scored in Maple Leaf Gardens, we needed to win that game; remembers seeing his daughter waving at him
14:23Sweden: knew we were going to play, felt the bigger ice surface would work for him, speed and shooting the puck his good assets; confident his line would work well on the bigger ice, confident they would do well, sense of anticipation, could see we were coming together as a team and at no time did we ever give up
15:40Game 5: recognized that we outplayed them, starting to get into shape and mold as a team, settled down, sense that even on this ice surface we are going to be ok
16:47Game 7 goal: knew it was his last shift and they had to win the game, remembers getting the pass and it was the best goal he ever scored in his life, 2 days later he scored what he calls "a garbage goal"; wishes he was remembered for the Game 7 goal instead
18:12Not about being a hero, we thought about winning, "I jumped into Cournoyer's arms and we were both saying the same thing 'We did it!', it was a team thing, a Canadian thing; talks about the 3000 Canadian fans, they encouraged us; talks about feeling impelled to jump on the ice and called to Pete Mahovlich who let him on the ice and then he scored "I've been riding that one goal for 35 years"
19:48Why he called off another player: I have no idea, just don't do those things, no good answer than something impelled me; word had come down that the Russians were going to claim victory because they had scored more goals (European rules), a tie was no good, "We just had to win"
21:24What it meant to Canada, after the game never a moment of thought about that, "I was done, spent emotionally, physically", wasn't a whole lot of crazy celebration going on, we were wasted from the intensity and the pressure we felt; did have a warm feeling, someone said to him on the flight home "That goal is going to be worth a million dollars to you in the future", felt only disbelief
22:50Did not want to play the Prague game
23:30Talks about going back to the Leafs: not a good time, not getting along with Ballard, trying to sign a new contract, did not go to training camp for a week, never really got to celebrate then, "as a team we did not really get to celebrate what we had done until years later."; one thing we as Canadians don't really do well, we don't celebrate enough; that is why he like the HOF, finally recognize a great accomplishment
25:31On being motivated after that goal: remembers Cournoyer saying this was better than winning a Stanley Cup; found Ballard a problem and that moving away from Toronto was the best thing that I did; fully realized how fortune and blessed I am; now doing things helping others and adding value to other's lives
27:35On not being associated with an NHL team: I'm associated with Team Canada, "I'm Mr. Team Canada", chosen to embrace it; everyone tells him "I can tell you where I was in '72"; win-win situation, win for our team, for hockey in general, our Country, no negative about it
28:31What do you tell kids: "Dream their dreams. Shoot for stars. Most of us have far more potential than we can ever imagine. Don't do the things that will destroy your dreams. If you get on drugs or addicted to alcohol, you are going to destroy your dreams. Get around some people who want to be successful and your friends will dictate what you want to do in your life also."; he encourages and cautions; finds the prospect of educating yourself in all areas exciting, you can achieve so much just by living in Canada "and I'm a very proud Canadian".
30:06Life lesson: have a purpose statement: why am I here and what do I want to do with my life. Hockey teaches you that you never get anything without hard work and you never get anywhere without persevering through the tough times ... Give it your best shot each and every day ... You learn how to lose. You learn to win too. The reality is don't get too high, don't get too low."
31:19Learning more from losing: "you learn so many lessons. There is always tomorrow. Put in perspective everybody in going to lose, everybody is going to make mistakes, everybody is going to have setbacks, but the thing is not to make the same mistakes you made the last time. You gain confidence by getting back up again when you get knocked down. You don't want to get back up, but something in you makes you get back up. ... A man is someone who doesn't give up, is true to his word. And you learn sometimes you have to take one for the team.
Give it your best shot each and every day and recognize that some days things are not going to go all that well.
32:39On being a member of the CSHoF: nice to be recognized for your work on the ice, for doing something well. One of the best honours I ever had, wear my jacket with pride. As you get older you recognize you didn't do it on your own; talks about his parents, coaches, mentors, team mates.
33:55Play for fun: You will never be a professional hockey player with being competitive. You can't stand defeat. You desire to win and desire to be the best.
34:37Funny moment: talks about trying to go up the centre against a big player and getting knocked out: learned you don't come through the centre with your head down
36:13About the Russians: they were great guys and terrific individuals, it was the system that was bad; they couldn't comprehend our intensity, for freedom you will play the price much more readily

Year Range from 1962
Year Range to 1981
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1972 Summit Series
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