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Catalog Number 2013.55.92
Object Name Video
Title David Pelletier
Scope & Content David Pelletier:
00:11Tell me about when you first got involved in the sport of figure skating: it was his mother's favourite sport, put all 3 boys in figure skating and hockey, growing up enjoyed the accolades of his peers when winning medals, in 1988 watched the pairs skating at the Olympic Winter Games and thought that it was something that he could do, it was one aspect of figure skating he fell in love with and found his passion, woke the desire
01:44On becoming a pairs skater: recalls that as a 12 year boy the outfits and music did not interest him but lifting a girl - that he could do, always wanted to lift the Stanley Cup instead
02:26Who is the most influential person in your career: got his work ethic from his parents, both teachers and active in sport, on the skating side most of his role models were the older skaters in his club, they became a source of inspiration showing that even though you can from a small town you could reach the Nationals
04:16On his partners: not unusual for a man to go through different partners since girls mature differently, he and Jamie tried out as pairs first in 1996 but the timing was not right and neither was willing to move, 2 years later decided to try out again knowing the ice part was good and both ready to commit to 4-8 years of competitive skating
05:18Would you say the Russians were part of the drive in competition: they played a huge role, talks about 1998 when they won a Silver medal at the Olympics while he and Jamie were just trying out as a pair, they were the standard, they were the team to beat, they were the drive, talks about Anton's skating and then he stopped watching them and focused on his own strengths
07:18On winning the 2001 World Championships in Vancouver: it was a huge deal to win at home, it was the practise for the Olympics, talks about 2000 and having a poor skate in the long programme and finishing 4th, by winning they put themselves back on the stage and dealing better with the pressure this time it was a great stepping stone to the Olympic year, gave them confidence; "the hardest thing about winning a world championship is to believe that you belong there and it's never going to happen if you don't believe it"
08:47What was it like to share that Gold medal: 10 years after do I see myself as the Olympic Champion or the Silver medalist - still not sure how I feel; it's what happened, talks about missing the chance to be on the top of the podium and hearing the national anthem at that time after the skate and feeling the emotion; talks about the process, who is going to fold and who is going to step up, 4 ½ minutes to put a stamp on 20 years of sacrifice and hard work, "that time when the flag goes up, I didn't get that" but not bitter, you can only control what you can control, talks about the 3 minutes between the end of the skate and seeing their marks "those 3 minutes were worth it"
11:23What are you doing now: teaches figure skating, skated with Jamie until recently, enjoys being a Dad; by teaching keeps himself relevant in the world of figure skating, also teaches power skating
12:45Was there a particular moment when you did not achieve a particular goal: considers himself an over-achiever; talks about his first nationals in 1991, looks back at his competitive career and feels he was competitive and did his best and loved what he did
14:14Advice to young skaters: "If there is one thing I wish is that I would have had more fun doing it but at the same time maybe I succeeded because I was so focused. I think the fun came from setting goals and achieving them, working hard and being validated with a medal, knowing hard work pays off."
15:05On being inducted: "as athletes we never skate or play to end up there. We play and skate to win"; talks about growing up and being inspired by Quebec athletes such as Gaetan Boucher and finding it surreal to end up in a place where they have been honoured, "You'll never be as big as your childhood heroes"
16:55Exit message, in English and French

Year Range from 1998
Year Range to 2002
Subjects figure skating
Gold medal
2002 Olympic Winter Games Salt Lake City
2001 World Championships
Search Terms work ethic
goal setting/achievement
belief in self