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Catalog Number 2013.55.128
Object Name Video
Title Ted Lindsay
Scope & Content Ted Lindsay:
started tradition of lifting the Stanley Cup and skating around the rink with it; humble about his drive to start the Players Association - somebody had to do it
1 of 2: 00:20Introduction to Hall
00:50Childhood: grew up in Kirkland Lake, Ontario; Dad couldn't afford to buy him skates during the Depression, his first skates at age 9 were men's skates given to him by a neighbour, played on the outdoor rink, later got his own skates, his motivation to life: loved challenge, competition; played for his separate school, they had to shovel off the outdoor rink, "when you want to do something, to get onto the ice and play the game you loved, it was easy to do something like that"
04:03On his father's career in the NHL: his Dad never talked about his career, he played in the forerunner of the NHL in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver; did have his original goalie pads that they used as kids
05:11He never thought about achieving something, just loved to play hockey, no aspirations to the NHL
06:20How did you go from Kirkland Lake to St. Mike's: played with the Holy Name Juveniles and won the Ontario Juvenile Championships; talks about playing against Ted Kennedy then and later in the NHL; St. Mike's at that time was the bed of future hockey players for the NHL, decided to go to St. Mike's, went there principally for hockey and a chance to play, made the team
09:57On being drafted by Detroit: talks about his career at St. Mike's, the chief scout for Detroit scouted him, the team was more in the process of rebuilding and gave him his beginning, if he had gone to Toronto who knows what could have happened
16:36The training camp was in Windsor, he played in the evenings with the veterans, they wore wet uniforms worn by the morning shift of players
18:28Was earning 40.00 a week, got extra money from the coach because he threatened to go back to St. Mike's because he could play 30-40 games with them, felt if he stayed in the NHL he would be on the bench, the NHL didn't mean anything to him, it was pointed out to him that these opportunities were rare, stayed with the team
21:53On his Number 7: talks about the makeup of the teams at that time, positions of the players, player was sent down to the minors and he inherited the number
23:56On his tenacity and fight: "I hated to lose", can't coach aggression into a person, either have it or don't have it, it is instinct
25:58On the rivalries between the players: you never spoke to the other team players, they didn't acknowledge one another, the feeling they had was "we hated them, they hated us, it was a wonderful way to play hockey. It's the way you should play hockey"
30:30On starting the Players Association: he could sell the idea of an association to the players, union was a bad word for them; was on the pension committee with Doug Harvie and could talk to him about what he was thinking about in terms of the association; felt they were being taken advantage but had to work from strength, got it organized and that hurt the owners/managers; wanted an agenda of what they wanted to achieve; hired lawyers from the Baseball Players Association; "it was something that had to be done, something that we needed"; was named as the President, wanted a voice with the owners, talks about needing a certified vote in both Canada and the USA, has respect for the guys in Toronto because they voted for it
Why did it take 10 years for that idea to become successful: it was broken by Detroit not voting for it, no one could get it organized again, 1967 was the expansion year, players more amenable, made an opportunity for Alan Eagleson who stole from the players
38:35On his final year in Detroit: always was a Red Wing; treated well in Chicago by the fans and management but his heart was not there; had a business in Detroit that could now support both himself and his partner, decided to retire, was a colour commentator for NBC, which was one of the greatest experiences in his life
2 of 2; 00:14Continues talking about return to Detroit: had kept in shape in retirement, wanted to end as a Red Wing, went back because he loved it one track where hockey was concerned, the team won the league championship but lost to Chicago in the division finals, talks about the game; wonderful because he ended up as a Red Wing
04:10On referees: talks about Red Storey
04:44Funny story: was serious about hockey; only one reason he was there, he hated every guy in a uniform on the other side of the ice, there for one reason and that was to beat them, that was his philosophy of life
05:18On the All-Star Game: teams mates included some from his own team and from other teams, it was okay for 1 night
06:34on Gordie Howe: talks about how the injury occurred and the treatment for his head injury; talks about the fight in the second game of the series and the rest of the series
09:40On Margarite Noras as an owner: she was a wonderful lady, would have been better off if she had stayed in control, would have been much happier then
10:44On the induction into the Hockey HOF: it was a stag affair then; it was important to him to have his family there because they had put up with his temperament, it was a wonderful honour and felt his family should share it with him, he was not planning to revolutionize the event and that families should be allowed, "Why I did it? It was the same as when forming the Players Association. It was a belief I had. It was something that was not right"; it was changed the next year
13:30On the Players Association and the NHL Alumni today: they are making good strides, good foundation, will get stronger, recognized by the owners, have a nest egg to help players; it's a start, at the next collective bargaining the Alumni will be on the agenda, the goal is to get as much as you can from the players and owners, not demanding but there is an obligation to players who built the game
15:44The League has a fund that if someone is desperate they can be helped

Year Range from 1944
Year Range to 1965
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Stanley Cup
Chicago Black Hawks
Detroit Red Wing
NHL Players Association
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