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Catalog Number 2013.55.50
Object Name Video
Title Jonathon Power
Scope & Content Jonathon Power:
00:39Why did you play squash? Dad was interested in the sport, he ran all the sports on the military base, introduced him to everything and at age 12 chose the sport he like the best; it is an individual sport, athletic, required good hand-eye coordination, better fit for him that a team sport
01:27Individual over team sport: natural for him, needed to be in control of what the outcome would be, be in charge, be the focal point, relying on team mates or anyone else was frustrating
02:26On becoming a pro: quite young when introduced to pro sport, watched the pros on the circuit, at a young age saw the opportunity and something he wanted to do, on the pro circuit could make money and travel the world
03:11Hero: Jahangir Khan, Pakistani player, dominant in the sport at that time
03:57Chronology of development as a player: age 12 had a choice between tennis, squash, basketball and golf, chose squash; went to England for summer to train with Khan's trainer & improved quickly, game him confidence, continued training twice a day while attending school, age 14 left home and went to Toronto where he had an apartment on his own and later went to Calgary to train; by 16 was on the pro circuit, played in different countries, living on own in Europe, played on circuit until retired at age 31
06:16Life style: squash is played in 137 countries, so travelled all over the world, met people from everywhere, enjoyed it
07:13Training ritual: on the road and playing all year round, training was around the tour, morning and afternoon sessions, "that was my job"
08:24Expense of being on the circuit: made enough at smaller tournaments to cover costs, by age 16 was in the top 15 in the world, making enough to travel and living expenses; Dad "sold" him as a stock to investors to raise travelling expenses, each time he won a big tournament they got a return on their investment
09:54Talks about travelling & living expenses on the tour, pressure to do well so as not to lose money
10:52Profile of squash outside of Canada: interesting to go to different countries like Egypt, where there could be thousands in the audience and then smaller tournaments in small towns in the USA where only a few spectators
12:04On celebrity status: did not look at his celebrity status, not in squash top get rich and famous
12:38On his intensity on the court: "Anything I did, I did with a lot of passion.", even playing checkers; "Just the nature of the way I competed. I wanted so badly to win all the time."
13:16Compared to John McEnroe, tennis player: some similarities, "we both felt we were right very often,"
13:34First big win: Tournament of Champions in New York, at World Trade Centre, 1995 or 96, just coming up as a player, won, "That was the start of it, gaining the confidence that I can be the best in the World. That was huge. Once you have that confidence that you can beat the top guys in the world, you believe that you are the top guy in the world."
14:37Strength of his game: athleticism, get on the ball quicker than others, played with a lot of flair and deception, always keen to show off and do tricky moves and try to apply that to a winning game, that was his style - being deceptive and bringing a different style to the game
15:28"That was the problem, so many days when you're hurting and sore and got to go and play. You're not going to get out of it easy."
15:40Humour among the players: live with the players for 8 months of the year, "If you took everything too personally or too seriously you wouldn't last too long on the circuit.", tight knit group, might lose to one guy one week and room with him the next "so you better learn to put it behind you"
16:30Comparison to Roger Federer, tennis player: doesn't have quite the same desire and focus as Roger to dominate; "I just wanted to do the bare minimum to get to the top and enjoy my life", totally different styles
17:26On being naturally talented: hard to push yourself, talks about Tiger Woods and Roger Federed being naturally talented and wanted to win all the time, not really his style, not his personality to be that dominant
18;19Hardest shot to master: shots you play all the time, drop shot, having a good touch and ability to change angles quickly
19:12First autograph: at a tournament in Spain, hadn't made his name yet but some kids knew him and asked him to sign his name
20:35On next generation of players: bit of gap right now, no player in the top, lack of development, system isn't great for developing squash players in Canada, need centralized training centre, teach young players how to build a successful games, starting his own academy

Year Range from 1991
Year Range to 2006
Subjects squash
Gold meda
2002 Commonwealth Games Melbourne
World Open
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