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Catalog Number 2013.55.122
Object Name Video
Title Jackson, Russ
Scope & Content Russ Jackson:
01:28Introduction to Hall
01:56Childhood: raised in Hamilton, only one of 5 children interested in sports, played everything, in high school played baseball, football, hockey; got involved in football in high school, took over as the major sport in his life, played for McMaster University for 4 years, drafted by Ottawa, disappointed because he was a Hamilton fan and had wanted to play for them, turned out to be the best thing that ever happened because he got to play quarterback
04:08Why football over the other sports: started playing in Grade 12, wanted to play offensive end, coach told him he would be quarterback after seeing him throw the ball
05:49McMaster University: played basketball also for 4 years and also made the hockey team
06:49Rhodes scholarship: was offered the opportunity to stand as McMaster's candidate, made decision he wanted to try for pro football, felt that if he went to England he would be missing some years and perhaps not have the pro opportunity when he came back, choose football, does not regret decision
08:16At what point did you start to take football seriously: loved athletic competition, never really thought about it, it evolved, being drafted by Ottawa Rough Riders best thing because if he stayed in Hamilton might only have made backup quarterback, fit into Ottawa's system, his career was born
10:07On being a Canadian quarterback: when he went to the Ottawa training camp his intent was to make the team, did not have any ideal he was going to be a quarterback, made it as defensive back in 1958, when both other quarterbacks were injured he was playing the #1 quarterback position in 1958 season, in 1959 was the backup for the first 5 games and then played quarterback, realized at that point he could be that Canadian quarterback, Ron Lancaster came in for awhile
11:56What did you like about being quarterback: always played positions in sport that had something important to them, in baseball played catcher, in basketball played point guard, wanted to play a position that had a lot to do with what was happening on the field, liked to have control, something that inside him
12:55Do you remember your first pass and touchdown: doesn't remember them, remembers his first win, these were not as important in his day as they are now where they keep the ball for an important event
14:01Most amazing pass/catch: not one that stands out, had some outstanding receivers, talks about the 1968 Grey Cup game against Calgary and running a play against the defense that was not on the ready list and getting a touchdown, turning point in the game
17:321960 Grey Cup: talks about winning Eastern final against Toronto, a lot of young players on the team, went in as the underdogs, was a tough defensive competition, winning was surreal, didn't sink in until the next day, was the dream to win the Cup, was part of a team, threw his first touchdown pass
20:11Was this the start of something: happened early in his career (3rd year), you strive to win a championship, never thought it would be the only one
21:33On finishing his education: graduated from McMaster with a Honours degree in statistical mathematics, wanted to teach and only college then was the Ontario College of Education in Toronto, one year programme, part of his contract to attend college, flew back and forth Toronto/Ottawa, difficult when he started to play more
23:44When did you realize you were in the position you wanted: Ron Lancaster was traded to Saskatchewan by the head coach Frank Clair and he stayed in Ottawa as the #1 quarterback, best move for both of them; that was the moment he knew he was #1 and didn't have to beat somebody out, in 1960 had that feeling he could play and make the team significant, when the trade took place it signalled to him that "you are the guy"
25:34Did your education help you read the field: no, had a great, photographic memory
26:47How did the process of being a good quarterback evolve: it was an evolution, Ottawa was a running team, fit into his strengths, could throw the ball, had to learn the defenses, hit the right team at the right time, was a running back in high school and university, learned from the veteran quarterbacks on the team how to play the game and read the defense over 2-3 years, coach decided to change the game to more throwing and he was ready
29:56Life lesson: sport is a great teacher, have to separate individual sport from team sport, was always a team sport player, got out of that being able to respect the other athletes and their contributions, no one person wins anything and that goes out into the work world, have to work together, have to depend on other people, respecting the fact that the team must get along and work together, as a principle of a high school he worked that way
31:36On winning/losing: learned more from losing, it is difficult as an individual or a team to lose, have to develop a 'hardness', winning is not the only thing, so much more involved in being a participant, losing made him a better person, bothers him that today the emphasis and pressure is on winning
34:13What do you think the world of sports means to Canada: in Canadian football people say "it's our game", really important to Canadians, used to be that way in hockey but now so many American teams hockey not so vibrant, Olympics happen only for a brief period, have to do a lot more in getting Canadians truly involved in what sport means to Canadians and to our country
36:44Do you think more young people would join sports if there wasn't such a push to win: now winning is important from the grass roots up, disagrees with that, got to have fun, that's all that matters, kids shouldn't feel bad when they lose, it is more important to be successful rather than winning
36:06Response to statement 'the world of sports is not for everyone': don't have to be involved in sport to be someone, other things in life that you can get involved in and enjoy and have a fulfilling life

Year Range from 1958
Year Range to 1969
Subjects football
Grey Cup
Ottawa Rough Riders
Search Terms competitive
team work