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Catalog Number 2015.5.5
Object Name Video
Title Lui Passaglia
Scope & Content 00:00:57Lui Passaglia - what got him started in sports and his inspiration: his parents got him involved in sports at a very young age; his father signed him up to play soccer in his hometown in Vancouver; playing soccer as a young child was his first exposure to team sports
00:01:47His father was a fan of the BC Lions and he liked to take him to some of the games; watching those football games is what sparked Lui's interest in playing football; a neighbour's son was also interested in playing and together they participated in flag football in the neighbourhood
00:02:20On taking on the kicker/punter role: in his heart, he wanted to be a receiver; when he first joined the BC Lions, they did not have a kicker/punter at the time; in the training camp, he made the team as the kicker/punter and as a backup receiver
00:03:08Later on when the coaches saw that he was finally getting good at kicking, they became apprehensive about putting him in the game as a receiver because if he got injured, then they would not have a kicker/punter anymore; he held on to the kicker/punter position for 25 years with the BC Lions; as stated by Lui, "It was the best stroke of luck that I have ever had"
00:03:42On preparing for his role as a kicker/punter: he went through every game situation mentally; he was also confident in his abilities; he always looked forward to playing his role in the field; he had to be physically and mentally ready going into the game
00:05:28His biggest challenges during his career as an athlete: because he played for so long, the biggest challenge he found was being physically and mentally ready to play; he had to perform at his best because one could easily be replaced in professional football if they are not performing well; he had to deal with several injuries during his 25 years with the Lions; he also had to balance his time as a professional athlete so that he could still have time to spend with family
00:06:21He played 408 games during his 25 years in football; he played more games than any other player in CFL ; every year, his goal was to be the kicker/punter for the Lions; he was not going to give it up easily; he did not always have the best year; he had "a little bit of luck" in the fact that the coaches believed in his abilities
00:07:33What he considers his greatest accomplishment: his most prominent win was the 1994 Grey Cup; they were in fourth place coming into the playoffs; they played against the Baltimore Stallions in the final; being a kicker and kicking the game winning field goal at home "does not get any better than that"
00:09:02On his thoughts about the final moments of the game at the 1994 Grey Cup: Lui had missed a field goal towards the end of the game, fortunately he had another chance; once he crossed the sideline for his second attempt at a field goal, his only intention was to focus on the kick and to make that kick; to him, there was no bigger feeling than seeing the ball go through the uprights, and knowing that they had won the Grey Cup
00:11:32On his ability to "reset" or refocus after making a mistake: "You are not going to be perfect all the time, mistakes happen"; "I always felt that if I made a mistake, I wanted to learn from it and not make it twice in a row"
00:12:25After his retirement in football, he became the Director of Community Relations for the BC Lions and he continued to work as a Team Ambassador; he saw the impact that sport organizations have in the community and he used the opportunity as a Team Ambassador to promote football and to promote sport; he considers himself to be fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be in that position to give back to the community; "To me it is all about giving back. Football has given so much to me, and if there is an opportunity for me to give back to the community, hopefully I am there to do so."
00:14:48What he is most proud of from his career in football: he is most proud of the longevity of his career, as well as the friendships he made along the way; football has also taught him about helping others and giving to the community
00:15:32Values that are most important in his journey: throughout his life, teamwork, hard work, respect for others, focus, and discipline have always been important to him
00:19:10Lessons or message that could help youth in their life today: there is a lot of things that can be learned out there, and doing things physically; "Go out there and have fun…enjoy what is around you…go out there and enjoy your friends"
00:19:50What he can say to children about being active in sports: "I think they are going to find a lot of enjoyment with being active in sport. They are going to learn a lot of the things I learned along the way…building relationships, what it means to work with others, the enjoyment of winning…sometimes losing makes you a better person too"
00:20:45Losing is not fun, but he always found it to be a motivator to get better
00:21:34On participation in sport as a good preparation for life: "participation in sport is a building block to what is going to happen in the future…it is all a stepping stone to getting to adulthood, to getting to be a better person"
00:22:39On becoming an Honoured Member of Canada's Sports Hall of Fame: "It is humbling to be here in the Hall with all the great athletes in Canadian history"; "Being here means your career is what you wanted it to be, and that along the way your career has been recognized by others as being something that was a positive thing in their lives"

Year Range from 1954
Year Range to 2000
Subjects BC Lions, Baltimore Stallions,1985 Grey Cup, 1994 Grey Cup, 2000 Grey Cup
Search Terms capability, excellence, confidence, positive attitude, balance, focus, teamwork, hard work, discipline