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Catalog Number 2014.37.11
Object Name Video
Title Geraldine Heaney interview
Scope & Content Geraldine Heaney:
00:28Childhood: born in Ireland, parents did not know anything about hockey but they fell in love with the game; her brothers played and she wanted to join in; at that time not a lot of girls played; she started in net; played with her brothers and played street hockey
01:15How she progressed: her first organized sport was soccer, she played on her brothers' team until she was told that girls couldn't play; at age 10 that was a big disappointment; she could play in the boy's house league and eventually she found a girls team
02:05How she got involved in organized hockey: being at the rink with her family and wanted to play, her Dad found a team for girls 5-6 years old, three years later she was approached to play with the Toronto Aeros and played with them for about 25 years
02:52On the Aeros: got to play with girls her age and with different levels of playing
03:06On her experience playing with the Aeros: it was the team to go to; she played forward at the beginning and did well, Ken Dufton the coach asked her to play defence, she loved skating and in playing defence you have to be one of the strongest skaters on the team, she feels that you get to see the game a lot better back there; she enjoyed playing any position; she just wanted the chance to play hockey
03:54What made you a good player: she loved the game so much, enjoyed working out and playing a variety of different sports helped her game, soccer, volleyball, badminton, field hockey, she would try anything; she feels that the best hockey players are all-round athletes and that every sport helps out on a skill
04:28Challenge: not a lot of girls playing at that time; when she played she was called a tomboy, that made her a better person, stronger person, she wanted to play that much more, to be part of the growth of women's hockey from where she started to where it is today is amazing and it is an honour to be part of that growth
05:19How has the sport changed: when she started there were 8,000 girls playing and now there are almost over 90,000 registered today; she is involved in coaching her daughter's team, girls now get to start at the same age as boys and get equal time on the ice and have more tournaments
05:56What message do you want to instill as a coach: the important message is to have fun and if you are not having fun don't be there for anyone else, just go out there to enjoy the game; you learn a lot of life skills playing a sport and a team sport - making new friends, learn what hard work will do, learn about commitment and dedication which will carry far beyond your athletic career
06:30Which do you prefer - coaching or playing: playing, she wants to get out there and play but enjoys coaching; she doesn't play too much
07:13On her induction to the IIHF Hall of Fame: she is the third woman to be inducted, she started with "girls don't play hockey", then "girls don't belong in the Hockey Hall of Fame" and now three are in; it is an honour to get in with a great class, she was treated the same way by the men; it is a memory she will cherish forever
08:02How did your brothers react: her family didn't always say if they were proud but it was there
08:50On her induction to the CSHOF: it is amazing to be inducted with athletes from a variety of sports; it is a lot harder to get into because there are so many great athletes in Canada no matter what sport they are playing; lot of other sports are developing like rugby; she thinks it is great that the CSHOF is for all athletes from all sports
09:29Values: how to work as part of a team; how to get along; commitment; dedication; how to deal with adversity; sport has made her the person she is today; there were great coaches and great people on the way who helped her to be who she is
09:58Message: have fun in what you are doing, enjoy life
10:28Pay check: she talks about the cost of playing in Canada, women's hockey needs the sponsorship and for the NHL to come on board

Year Range from 1990
Year Range to 2001
Subjects ice hockey; women's hockey; Toronto Aeros; IIHF Hall of Fame
Search Terms team player; integrity; achievement; honesty; love of sport; challenge; determination; sharing; pride